EFT Realty is not just a name but a passion for doing business the right way. Our affirmation is to be a company that is progressive and gives back to the community we serve.

The foundation of this mission is built upon the following three principles:

“E” stands for Equity: You will be treated with equality, fairness, honesty, integrity and respect.

“F” stands for Fidelity: As a limited agent your broker will promote your interests with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity.

“T” stands for Trust: Anything of value held by our company on your behalf is safe. It will never be co-mingled or misappropriated.

On a more humorous note, while having dinners with past clients who have since become friends, I shared our intention to rename our company to EFT Realty. One of them asked “What does E.F.T. stand for?” My reply was “Equity, Fidelity and Trust.” Without hesitation, and with a mischievous grin he proclaimed “oh, I thought it meant extremely, !-----!, trustworthy!” Everyone had a good laugh and I said “Well that sure is the simple way of saying it!”